HB 880 – Landlord Tenant Changes Update


The AANC and GCAA support HB 880 which we advocated for during AANC’s 2019 Lobby Day in Raleigh.  This bill contains significant legislation pertaining to landlord-tenants’ rights includes a number of changes to Landlord Tenant Law such creating a new process for vacating eviction judgments for residents.  The AANC, NC Realtors and the NC Justice Center are stakeholders.  AANC is working with the Realtors Association to inform them of the monumental efforts that have been made to finalize the language in the bill and address all questions and concerns.  Aspects of this  legislation have gained interested locally thanks to Norm Praet and Chris Loebsack who presented the Post Judgement Relief proposal before Charlotte City Council’s Housing Task Force that Executive Director Kim Graham currently sits on.