APT Scholarships

Since its inception in 2008, one of the GCAA Education Foundation's core objectives has been "to create a student scholarship fund that will provide financial assistance to rental housing employees in order for them to pursue national certification programs."

In September 2012, the GCAAEF created the Apartment Professional Training (APT) Scholarship Program. These scholarships provide full funding for GCAA-member apartment industry professionals to pursue the NAAEI Designation or Certification of their choice. Scholarship winners to date include:

2012: Falon Parker (CAPS) and Jennifer Poston (CAM)

2013: Jonathan Cheville (CAMT), Hoyle (NALP), Auri Castro (CAM), and Dallas Green (CAPS)

2014: Brian Woods (CAPS), Jamie Pike (CAM), and Steven (CAMT)

2015: Nicole Washington (NALP), Nick Durden (CAMT), Gilda (CAM)

2016: Brittany Duval (NALP), Teco Haymon (CAMT), and Brooke Bunting (CAM)

2017: Stephanie Hicks-Davis (NALP), Richard Schrodetzki (CAMT), Zach Swain (CAMT), Ricardo Lawson (CAM), Doug Little (CAPS)

2018: Alexander King (CAM), Magda Lorena Perez  (CAM), Marissa Markham (CAM), Charley Gibson (CAPS), Bechard Walcott (CAMT)

2019: Matthew Whitley (CAMT), John Cillie (CAMT), Shane Raby (CAPS), Emily Miner (NALP), Meghan Vasquez (CAM)

2020: Imrah Grippo (CAM), Madelyn Mack (CAPS), Mary Katherine Usina (NALP), Toddi Johnson (CAS)

2021: Jorge Lara (CALP), Emily Miner (CAM), Jamie Cruz (CAPS), Kate Jarrell (CAS)

2022: Kimeko Foulks (CALP), Madison Huckabee (CAM), Carly Lindsay (CAPS), Betsy Kirkpatrick (CAS), Carlos Hernandez (CAMT)


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Larry Cranford Memorial Scholarship

In honor of former President and apartment industry educator & icon Larry Cranford, the AANC established in 2013 a scholarship fund for members of affiliated local associations who plan to pursue one of the NAA's professional designations (NALP, CAM, CAMT, CAPS, or CAS). The scholarship will cover the entire cost of the recipient's preferred designation course. 

The Larry Cranford Memorial Scholarship Application  

Additional Details & Scholarship Application