GCAA Ambassadors Program

The GCAA Ambassadors Program was established in 2017 as a way to build connections with experienced GCAA members and get your membership started off on the right foot. Successful mentor/mentee relationships should be fulfilling and beneficial for all involved!

Lisa Foley, Morgan Properties (Co-Chair)

Heather Madden, Greystar (Co-Chair)

Guidelines for Mentors

  • Take the initiative in the relationship - invite your mentee to meet with you, suggest topics to discuss, ask if you can offer advice!
  • Raise questions such as “Tell me about your business?” or “What was your main purpose for joining GCAA?” or “What are your talents and expertise?”
  • Listening attentively is a big part of effective mentoring; avoid distractions such as phones and other interruptions when meeting with your mentee!
  • Make observations or suggestions and offer advice on how your mentee can become involved!
  • Respect the privacy and time commitments of your mentee!
  • Maintain the strictest confidence about anything that your mentee says to you!
  • Introduce and expose your mentee within your own professional circle and to circles outside the industry, as relevant!
  • Meet with your mentee once a month during the initial three (3) month period.
  • Attend an event with your mentee and spend the first 30 minutes with them networking.
  • Attend one committee meeting with them of their choice or one you are currently serving on - one that piques their interest or one you would recommend, based on your initial meeting.

Ambassadors Mentor Commitment Form

Guidelines for Mentees

  • Meet with your mentor according to the schedule to which you have agreed!
  • Describe how you apportion your time to professional activities! GET INVOLVED!
  • Share your career plans and goals!
  • Discuss your encounters with multi-family and GCAA thus far!
  • Ask for your mentor’s observations and feedback!
  • Make time available to meet your mentor’s circle of professional and community contacts!
  • Keep the content of your conversations confidential between the two of you!
  • Keep an open mind!

Ambassadors Mentee Commitment Form

 10 Tips for a More Effective & Productive Relationship

  1. Keep communications open.

Mentee: Be up front. Let your mentor know what your goals are and what you hope to take away from the program.

Mentor: Help your mentee set realistic expectations. Also, if you know you will be unavailable because of business or personal travel, let them know.

  1. Offer support.

Mentee: Remember that your mentor is there for you, but as a guide.

Mentor: Encourage communication and participation. Help create a solid plan of action.

  1. Define expectations.

Mentee:  Review your goals. Make sure your mentor knows what to expect from you.

Mentor: Help set up a system to measure achievement.

  1. Maintain contact.

Mentee: Be polite and courteous. Keep up with your e-mails and ask questions.

Mentor: Respond to your e-mails. Answer questions and provide advice, resources and guidance when appropriate.

  1. Be honest.

Mentee: Let your mentor know if you don’t understand something or have a differing opinion.

Mentor: Be truthful in your evaluations, but also be tactful.

  1. Actively participate.

Mentee: Listen. Ask if you can observe your mentor’s practice.

Mentor: Engage in your own learning while you are mentoring, attend a dinner meeting and one committee meeting with your mentee.

  1. Be innovative and creative.

Mentee: Offer ideas on what and how you would like to become more involved, your interests.

Mentor: Share your ideas, give advice and be a resource for new ideas.

  1. Get to know each other.

Mentee and Mentor: Remember that people come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Get to know each other on an individual basis.

  1. Be reliable and consistent.

Mentee and Mentor: The more consistent you are, the more you will be trusted.

  1. Stay positive!

Mentee: Remember that your mentor is offering feedback and suggestions.

Mentor: Recognize the work the mentee has done and the progress made.