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Online learning in partnership with GCAA, NAAEI, and Gracehill!

Introducing Visto, the new online hub for professional development, including credential and continuing education programs,
brought to you by the NAA Education Institute and Grace Hill Inc.

What’s new about Visto?

  • More online programs than ever before, including NALP, CAM, CAS, and (in July) CAPS!
  • An intuitive storefront, making it easier than ever to find the right course for you.
  • Personalized recommendations, helping you advance in your specific career path.
  • A streamlined platform, granting you instant access to course material the moment you complete your purchase.
  • Automatic reporting to NAAEI of any continuing education credits earned,keeping your credentials current.

Each time GCAA members and nonmembers in our territory purchase an online training on Visto, you are supporting the associations education programs in addition to furthering your education!

NOTE: to receive CECs, students must access Visto via the GCAA website!

Continuing Education Credits on Visto


Air-Conditioning Maintenance and Repair Suite 
1. Introduction to Basic Air-Conditioning 
2. Air-Conditioning Safety 
3. About Refrigerants 
4. Components of an Air-Conditioning System 
5. The Air-Conditioning Electrical System 

Appliance Maintenance and Repair Suite
1. Introduction to Appliance Basics 
2. Dryers and Washers 
3. Ovens, Cook Tops, Dishwashers and Refrigerators 

Electrical Maintenance and Repair Suite
1. Introduction to Basic Electricity 
2. Electrical Safety 
3. Systems and Circuits

Ensuring Accessible Housing 

Fair Housing and Beyond 

Heating Maintenance and Repair Suite
1. Introduction to Basic Heating 
2. Heating Safety 
3. Systems and Components 

Interior and Exterior Maintenance and Repair Suite 
1. Curb Appeal and General Exterior 
2. Make Ready

NAA Click, Lease, and Learn

NAAEI & Orkin Integrated Pest Management

Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Suite 
1. Introduction to Basic Plumbing 
2. Plumbing Safety 
3. Systems, Values, Pipes and Faucets 
4. Garbage Disposals, Tubs, Toilets, Drains and Water Heaters 

Rewind: NAA Conference Session Recordings

Advanced Closing Techniques

Advanced Telephone Techniques 

Battling Bedbugs
Lucha contra las chinches (ES) 

Building a Team Culture

Business Ethics

Business Etiquette

Creative Marketing Promotions

Crisis Management Series

Curb Appeal 

Dealing with Difficult People
Tratando con Personas Difíciles (ES)

Defeating the Mold Monster 
Derrotar al Monstruo de Moldes (ES) 1 

Employee Coaching


Interviewing Skills

Maintenance and the Resident Experience 

Maintenance for Office Staff

Performance Management

Preventative Maintenance 

Traffic Generation