Morning Perks Podcast: Episode 9

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In this episode of the GCAA's Morning Perks Podcast you will hear from the following multifamily leaders in the greater Charlotte region!

GCAA Board President of 1990-1991, Mary Beth Woodard, CPM, CAPS
Regional Vice President of Property Operations at Highmark Residential | Contact

GCAA Board Member, Jamie Sexton
Regional Business Development Manager with RestorePro Reconstruction | Contact

GCAA's Membership Committee Chair, Michelle O'Brien
Regional Vice President for RKW Residential | Contact

GCAA's 2023 PSC Secretary Nominee, Kate Jarrell
National Marketing Specialist with BGSF | Contact

GCAA's 2023 PSC Secretary Nominee, Michael Simos
Sales Director with Locker Revolution | Contact

Topics of the day:
• Highmark Residential
• Working Towards Your Goal
• New Construction Bus Tour
• RestorePro Reconstruction
• PSC August Business Meeting
• Membership Committee
• New Member Orientation, 9 to 5-themed
• 2023 PSC Nominees
• Landlord Tenant Law & NAA Lease Review with Todd Whitlow

Listen Now:

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