Vote Yes for Stronger Housing!

Posted By: Michelle Manns News,

$50 million for housing will help provide well-maintained affordable housing for low- and moderate-income individuals and families in the Charlotte area. Efforts include:

  • Multi-family new construction and rehabilitation
  • Homeownership development in targeted neighborhoods
  • Housing for seniors, disabled and shelterless populations
  • Acquisition of properties for developing mixed-income communities

At end of your ballot, please vote YES ✅ for all three bonds: $146.2 million for streets, $50 million for housing and $29.8 million for neighborhoods.

Q: Beyond the specific projects that the bonds will fund, are there more intangible benefits to a "yes" vote?

A: Charlotte was one of the few cities that continued to grow and add jobs during the last economic downturn. We were in that position because of the city’s strong fiscal and capital improvement policy over the long term. To continue to meet the needs of our current citizens and provide opportunities for rehabilitation and expansion, we must continue to invest and improve our infrastructure. Additionally, projects that the bonds will fund will generate new residential and commercial development and stimulate job growth.

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