Important Change to Guarantor Process Inside Blue Moon

Industry News,

Effective Wednesday, March 31st, Blue Moon Software will be making an important change to the Guarantor process inside the Click & Lease Program. This change only impacts the process for completing and signing the Guarantor forms directly through Blue Moon Software and does not impact any form or process controlled by integration partners. If you use the Guarantor forms, but they are initiated and/or signed through one of our integration partners, this change does not impact you.

The Guarantor forms available inside Click & Lease are intended to be completed and electronically signed individually by each Guarantor. To accommodate this intent, Blue Moon will be removing the option for a Guarantor to electronically type their spouse’s name so that it appears on the form as an electronic signature. If a spouse’s signature is required, the spouse should receive his or her own Guarantor form to complete and execute. This change will not impact any existing records or any pending requests.

In addition, many states allow you to require Guarantor signatures to be notarized. You may want to consider extending that requirement and option as an added layer of security for your operations and leases if your state form allows. Please note that the Guarantor forms cannot be notarized if they are electronically signed.

As always, please reach out to Blue Moon support at 1-800-772-1004 or for assistance.