AANC Update - NC HOPE PROGRAM is Live!


The NC HOPE Program is now live! The relaunch of the program will be dedicated to the allocation of the $1.1 billion Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) funds North Carolina received under the American Rescue Plan.

Approximately $800 million will be available for the state-run program. The remainder will be distributed directly to North Carolina’s 12 largest counties and cities to run their own programs. Notable provisions of the HOPE program are as follows:
HOPE 2.0 Applicants must:

  • Earn an income less than or equal to 50% area median income based on their county of residence.
  • Occupy a rental property as a primary residence and be named on the lease or rental agreement. (If a resident has a verbal lease HOPE will provide a document.)
  • Resident has experienced difficulty paying rent due to Coronavirus pandemic related impacts.

HOPE 2.0

  • Provides up to 12 months of rent and utility assistance.
  • Assistance provides up to 9 months of arrears plus 3 months of future rent assistance at a time.
    • Applicants will reapply for assistance as needed, as funding permits.
    • Applicants do not have to be behind on their rent to be eligible.
  • The new phase of the HOPE Program will pay the monthly rent owed up to the fair market rent for a 2-bedroom unit in your county.
  • Payments are made directly to housing providers on behalf of the applicant.
  • Housing providers cannot apply on behalf of their residents.