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Past Successes

In recent years, GCAA has achieved major successes in the following areas:

    • Valet Trash Services:  When the valet waste industry was threatened because of issues identified by the fire marshal, GCAA worked alongside doorstep trash and recycling industry leaders to help resolve those issues through state code and legislation. 
    • Building Standards: The GCAA has been a constant voice for streamlining rules and procedures in the local permitting and other approval process – calling for more concurrent and less sequential inspections and successfully promoting the efficiency of building inspections over individual unit inspections. In addition, our state-level activity with building codes, particularly with fire sprinklers and accessibility rules, has saved the industry millions of dollars in construction costs.

    • Housing Code Enforcement/: The GCAA has been on the front line of advocacy for common-sense local minimum housing code enforcement and housing provider-friendly rules that impact multi-family housing.

    • Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Section 8 Program:  GCAA’s local efforts and collaboration with the Charlotte Housing Authority have resulted in some substantial improvements and efficiencies to the program.  Now, vouchers (for some areas of the city) go up to 150% of their payment standards and CHA performs weekly check runs for more expeditious payments.  In addition, inspections have decreased from 15 to 7 days and residents can now move into an apartment immediately after a successful inspection.