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Current Legislative Efforts

One of the GCAA’s core activities is legislative advocacy. The Apartment Association represents its members’ interests at all levels of government to ensure multifamily-friendly legislation and regulatory policies. It’s vitally important to our industry that elected officials, from City Council all the way up to the US Senate, hear the apartment industry’s story and concerns. Click any topic below for more details on GCAA's current efforts in that area:

Local Efforts

  • Code Enforcement: Working with County and City Staff in addressing the Gartner Report's concerns with the current Permitting and Inspections processes; advising the Code Enforcement Department's new "Mega Multifamily Inspection Team". Creating a new Engineering Library for Engineering Judgments
  • New Development: Monitoring the proposed new Uniformed Development Ordinance, the Zoning Ordinance rewrite, changes to Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and other high-density building approaches 
  • Housing Affordability: Participating in the conversation on Affordable Housing, Vouchers and Evictions. Providing market proven approaches and ideas to address the housing affordability concerns
  • 2019 Property Revaluation: Proactively working with Mecklenburg County Tax Office as they work to create the guidelines for the January 1st, 2019 property tax amount 
  • City Services: Opposing proposed policy changes which would eliminate or reduce city services for apartment residents

State Efforts

  • Eviction Processing Time: Continuing to work for shorter and more efficient evictions processes
  • Service Animals: Working with other apartment associations to find strategies and legislation to stop the abuse of the American with Disabilities Act that label pets as emotional support animals to avoid company Animal policies
  • Sales Tax on RMI: The sales tax applied to repair, maintenance or installation (RMI); monitoring and communicating on the various changes to the revenue laws and the impact to management companies
  • NC Building Code Changes & Council Hearings: Educating the membership on the changes to the new version of the North Carolina Building Code and monitoring the conversation and studies surrounding wood construction in multifamily. Participating in the Mecklenburg Build and Development Commission
  • Private Process Service: Advocating for private process servers to post summons (with notification of lawsuits and/or court dates) on tenants' doors
  • Wage Garnishment for Rents Owed: Advocating for 'rents owed' to be considered a permissible wage garnishment

Federal Efforts  

  • Tax Reform: Any proposed reforms must promote economic growth and investment in rental housing without unfairly burdening apartment owners and residents relative to other asset classes.
  • National Flood Insurance Program Reauthorization: Congress must prevent disruption in the marketplace and pass a long-term reauthorization before the government’s backstop expires on Sept. 30, 2017.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Reform: Provide a business owner with the opportunity to cure an alleged deficiency prior to the initiation of a “drive-by” lawsuit.

Voter Registration for Apartment Residents

The North Carolina Voter Registration Application is now available, for free, as an option to be included in apartment lease packets. This is a simple and convenient way to encourage new residents to update their voter registration information at the time of move-in.

For Blue Moon lease software users, the address portion of the form can be pre-populated for residents. Once completed, the forms only need to be signed, dated, and mailed to the local Board of Elections (addresses are provided on the instruction sheet).

Blue Moon subscribers can call technical support for help 512-322-0999. For general help with the Voter Registration Program contact Michelle Manns, Director of Strategic Initiatives & Legislative Affairs via email.

Get-out-the-Vote Efforts

Vote Tuesday is the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association’s award-winning initiative to encourage apartment residents to vote through the simple reminder that an election is taking place the upcoming Tuesday though use of "Vote Tuesday" signs, window stickers, and table tents at the participating apartment communities.

GCAA members: Order VOTE TUESDAY Materials for YOUR Apartment Community(ies)!

See details below and photo at right for options. Contact Michelle Manns at GCAA to order:

Small Package: $50

(2 bootleg signs, 10 window clings, 5 tent cards)
Large Package: $125
(5 bootleg signs, 20 window clings, 10 tent cards)

Window Clings 50¢ each
Tent Cards $1 each
Bootleg Signs $25 each

GCAA also maintains the website to provide apartment
residents with information about registering to vote, polling locations, candidate
lists, and more.