Vote Yes for City Bonds Campaign Launched

Posted By: Michelle Manns Industry News,

The Vote Yes for City Bonds campaign officially launched. The Rental Housing Alliance (RHA) GCAA’s Super PAC supports this bond referenda. On the 2022 general election ballot, City of Charlotte voters will have the opportunity to approve a $226 million bond referenda package that will fund construction and revitalization of transportation corridors including streets and sidewalks, more affordable housing, and improvements to neighborhoods in established and emerging high-growth areas. At the end of your ballot, please vote YES for all three bonds: $146.2 million for streets, $50 million for housing and $29.8 million for neighborhoods.

Other Jurisdictional Bond Referendum within the GCAA footprint:

√ Town of Matthews: $21 million Transportation Bond and $14M Parks and Recreation Bond. Click here for more information.

√ City of Gastonia residents will vote on a $75 million Transportation General Obligation Bond Referendum. Click here for more information.