State Still Working to Stand Up New Rental Assistance Program

Industry News,

State officials don't have a timetable yet to open a new rental assistance program to bolster a similar initiative (the HOPE Program) that proved so popular that it closed after three weeks’ worth of applications soaked up the available funding.

When it does open, this program should be larger than the first one, though it's taken officials months to distribute less than a third of the funding from that one…..The new program will have different rules because the federal bill creating it is more restrictive. The new $700 million is money the federal government dedicated specifically for this type of assistance program. The previous funding had fewer strings attached to it, and the state stood up its own program.

People who qualified for grants under the original program may also qualify under the new one if they need continued assistance. They may have to submit new paperwork, due to the new federal requirements. New applicants will also be eligible once the program opens… Read more.