Phase 2.5 for North Carolina

Industry News,

 Lastly, Governor Cooper announced the state will move into Phase 2.5 Friday at 5:00 PM. The latest phase allows gyms and entertainment facilities to reopen with strict operational guidelines:

  1. Limit any customers in indoor areas to 30% Emergency Maximum Occupancy. Under this Executive Order, 30% Emergency Maximum Occupancy is the lowest number produced by applying the following two tests: 1. Limit the number of customers in the facility to thirty percent (30%) of stated fire capacity ( or, for spaces without a stated fire capacity, no more than seven (7) customers for every one thousand ( 1000) square feet of 15 the location's total square footage, including the parts of the location that are not accessible to customers or guests).
  2. Limit the number of people in any given room of the facility so that everyone can stay six (6) feet apart.