New Eviction Moratorium from CDC

Industry News,

Last night, the CDC issued a nationwide order halting evictions for nonpayment of rent beginning Friday, September 4th. Set to expire December 31st, this order provides provisions for renters with annual income levels at or below $99,000 or $198,00 for dual income households. Below you will find an outline detailing the parameters of this order. Attached to this note a copy of the CDC’s official order. This announcement was a surprise to the industry and like AANC, NAA will analyze the language, monitor the development of this order, and gauge the impact this will have on the industry.

Additionally, House and Senate Republicans in the NC Legislature proposed their version of a COVID-19 relief package that would address the $550 million CARES Act Funds available to the state. The GOP proposal includes:

  1. $325.00 stimulus aid to all North Carolina residents with children. Totaling roughly $440 million.
  2. Increase weekly unemployment benefits by $50 rather than the recommended $100. Cup
  3. Allocate 12 million to domestic violence groups
  4. Boost pay for Election Day precinct workers by $100
  5. Expand income eligibility for taxpayer-funded scholarships for children to attend K-12 private schools.

This proposal was drafted with no input from the House or Senate Democrats. Tomorrow, the North Carolina Legislature will reconvene to consider this proposal. Negotiations are expected to move quickly and if passed will be sent to Governor Cooper to sign or Veto. Last week the Governor proposed his COVID-19 relief proposal totaling $978 million. Unlike this GOP proposal, it included housing assistance. However, it is unlikely that Republicans will consider Cooper's version as Republicans have said “there’s too much fiscal uncertainty related to the pandemic to spend unanticipated tax collections from the previous year now.”

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