FTC Warns Of Thieves Using Voice Clones to Steal Money From Individuals and Businesses

Posted By: Michelle Manns Industry News,

The Federal Trade Commission issued a consumer alert urging people to be vigilant for calls using voice clones generated by artificial intelligence, one of the latest techniques used by criminals hoping to swindle people out of money. The FTC suggests that if you receive a call from a familiar voice asking for money, wire transfer, etc. you should hang up and call the person directly to verify their story.

In 2019, scammers impersonating the boss of a U.K.-based energy firm CEO demanded $243,000. A bank manager in Hong Kong was fooled by someone using voice-cloning technology into making hefty transfers in early 2020. And at least eight senior citizens in Canada lost a combined $200,000 earlier this year in an apparent voice-cloning scam…..Read more.