New Year, New Strategies?

Posted By: Michelle Manns The Ledge,

For many years, we have been talking about the challenges associated with why housing has become out of reach for more and more people. But 2023 should be the year we employ new and nontraditional strategies. We’ve got to do something different, as the old saying goes. We must change and update old, antiquated legislation and statutes that hinder or counteract the production of affordable housing and not subscribe to strategies that do not work such as rent control.


The construction industry is utilizing its own new approaches to meeting some of these challenges head on, such as promoting a more diverse workforce in the construction industry, adopting robotics, software and technologies that help construction companies use their tools and materials more efficiently to reduce strain on the supply chain. What contractors and construction firms also need is action by federal and state organizations that oversee construction-related processes and paperwork.