Multifamily Words Matter

Posted By: Michelle Manns The Ledge,

Words matter! That’s why we want to change how the world speaks when making references to those who live and work in the multifamily industry.

Rental Housing Provider vs. Landlord

A housing provider can be a homeowner and/or property manager and are people who work diligently every day to serve and protect the housing industry. Let’s retire the term “landlord". Its negative connotation does not reflect what rental housing providers do.The concept of a landlord is traced back to the feudal system of manoralism, where a landed estate is owned by a Lord of the Manor. In this modern world, we do not have any lords over land. As such, we should call those who provide essential rental housing what they are...rental housing providers. Housing providers are people who adhere to high ethics and best practices. They take pride in solving problems, being supportive, and offering someone a home they may not otherwise have access to.

Community vs. Complex

While an apartment complex provides you with a place to live, an apartment community makes it feel like home. A community is vibrant and active where the residents, pets, guests, and staff live and work and make friends. People may have complexes, but they live in communities.

Home vs. Unit

A unit is the measure of housing within a building. Homes are what communities are made of.

Resident vs. Tenant

Tenant is a legal term to describe someone who has a contractual relationship giving a person the right to use or to occupy a particular premise. A resident is someone who lives in a "home" within an apartment "community".