Mecklenburg Property Revaluation Notices Won't Go Out In January, Assessor Says

Posted By: Michelle Manns News,

Mecklenburg County property owners will have to wait a few more months to find out their new property tax values, the county’s top tax official said Monday.

Assessor Ken Joyner said that notices will not be sent out to the owners of more than 400,000 properties in Mecklenburg in January, as planned.

One big reason: Wild swings in the real estate market, as the years-long boom in home prices, runs into rising interest rates.

The County anticipates mailing the notices a little bit later, probably in early- to mid-March, so that they have ample time to review all those sales through the end of the year.

Home prices have increased sharply since 2019 and the county is seeing an average property value of $450,000.

Residential property values have increased an average of 57%, while commercial property values are up an average of 39%.

Property owners will have the opportunity to appeal their new tax value after the notices go out….Read more.