GCAA Morning Perks Podcast · Women in Leadership

Morning Perks Podcast,

On this episode of Morning Perks Podcast, Bill Clements sits down with Betsy Kirkpatrick, Gabrielle Bouknight, and Teale Sandoval for a hilariously fun and inspiring episode about the GCAA's upcoming Women in Leadership Conference as well as a deeper look into their professional journeys to becoming industry leaders. This is an episode you cannot miss.

 Featured Guests:  

Betsy Kirkpatrick
Managing Director of Strategic Programs, BG Multifamily

Gabrielle Bouknight
Director of Training and Development, HHHunt

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Teale Sandoval
Regional Director, Apartments.com

Topics of the day:

  • Women in Leadership Conference
  • GCAA Women in Leadership History
  • Professional Growth Journeys
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Work Life Balance 
  • Association Growth Opportunities 
  • Personal Motivators