Court Order Changes Application Period for NC’s "Extra Credit" Grants

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A second application period for qualified North Carolina residents to apply for the $335 "Extra Credit" grants has been opened with a new deadline of Dec. 7. The Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy (CCLA) will take the applications and help people through the process of applying.

To begin the application process, contact CCLA by Dec. 7, at 1-888-301-1555 or by email at A recorded message will ask you to provide contact information for a follow up contact.

This application period is the result of a Nov. 6 resolution of a lawsuit brought by CCLA on behalf of people who did not apply by the original Oct. 15 deadline. Under a court order, CCLA will handle the application
process, marketing, and outreach. The Department of Revenue has not yet established the application process. Details at this link.

The Extra Credit Grant program was authorized by the N.C. legislature. Under the program, North Carolinians who have children younger than 17 as of Jan. 1, 2020, will receive a one-time payment of $335 to help pay for daycare or other expenses associated with virtual schooling.

Note: if you filed taxes in 2019 and have a qualifying child, your Extra Credit payment will be sent automatically between now and December 15, 2020. You do NOT need to apply.