City of Charlotte Multifamily Contract Information

Industry News,

Monday January 8th, 2018 the Charlotte City Council voted to award a new contract for Multifamily Trash Collection. This new contract is with a new service provider Waste Pro of North Carolina who will be replacing Republic Services on July 1st, 2018. The City’s contract with Republic Services ends June 30, 2018. The City completed a competitive bid process resulting in the contract award to Waste Pro. See below letter from the Charlotte Solid Waste Services.

This award of a new contract puts to end the most recent “battle” on the idea of eliminating multifamily trash collection. For 20 plus years the GCAA has been working to keep multifamily trash service collection a city provided service. The Charlotte Apartment Association has long been an advocate that if - the City of Charlotte provides (and pays for) single family residents trash collection, it should also provide (and pay for) multifamily residents trash collection.

Also it is important to note Charlotte Solid Waste Services became a member of the Association this year. The GCAA and Charlotte SWS have been working hard to create a strong working relationship and improving communication between organizations.


For additional information you can the article in the May 2016 Apartment Times Magazine.