Charlotte's UDO University

Industry News,

The City of Charlotte has launched UDO University!  The UDO University will be virtual training opportunities to assist in learning the UDO and to ask questions.   There will be 11 sessions, presented by City staff.  The sessions will include:

  • An Overview of the Charlotte UDO
  • Zoning Districts in the UDO
  • Tree Protection Article of the UDO
  • Subdivision, Network and Access, and Other Infrastructure
  • Neighborhood Zoning Districts
  • An Overview of the UDO Administration
  • Stormwater Standards in the UDO
  • Parking, Landscaping and Screening, and Open Space
  • Required New Street/Improvements and Standards
  • Frequent Users Questions and Answers
  • Residential Permitting


The “semester” begins Friday, January 13th and ends on Friday, March 24th (11 sessions).  Sessions will begin at 1:00pm and end at 2:30pm.

All sessions will be virtual (Zoom) and recorded

Registration will be required.  A link will be on the UDO website (Charlotte's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) - Charlotte Unified Development OrdinanceCharlotte Unified Development Ordinance (  There will be a UDO University tab.  Confirmation will include the Zoom meeting invite.