CDC halts evictions, but advocates say more relief needed to avoid rent ‘cliff’

Industry News,

“Tenants are not automatically protected by the new CDC order. They must sign and give to their landlord a legally binding declaration attesting to their financial status and inability to pay rent.

Qualified renters must have been eligible for the $1,200 stimulus checks issued under the CARES Act or make less than $99,000 a year per person or up to $198,000 for a couple filing jointly. Renters also qualify if they didn’t have to file taxes in 2019.

Tenants must be unable to pay rent because of a significant loss of income due to the pandemic or significant medical expenses. They must affirm they’ve made an effort to seek rental assistance, unemployment benefits or other aid.

Tenants must also show that they would be forced to move into a crowded living situation if they were evicted, such as living in close quarters with a family member or in a homeless shelter.

“The onus is on the tenant to read and fully understand what they’re signing, because they are signing this affidavit under penalty of perjury,” …Read more.