Squatters Legislation on the Rise

Industry News,

In 2024, the National Apartment Association (NAA) has observed an uptick in the interest of state legislatures and local councils to address squatters-related concerns legislatively. While the removal of squatters—namely those who occupy homes where they previously had no legal right to reside—has predominantly been an issue in vacant single-family homes, there are growing challenges in rental housing.

Legislators in 11 states are or were considering proposals to reinforce property owners’ rights against squatters: Michigan (MI HB 5634), Mississippi (MS HB 1508), New Hampshire (NH SB 563), New Jersey (NJ SB 725), New York (NY A.9897), North Carolina (NC HB 966), Ohio (OH HB 478), Oklahoma (OK SB 1994), Pennsylvania (Homeowner Protection and Squatter Eviction Act) and South Carolina (SC H 5468). In New York City, Councilmember Susan Zhuang introduced legislation that would require city agencies to publicly report squatting incidents to help lawmakers understand the scope of the problem locally. 

5 States Lead the Way
Legislation passed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and West Virginia identify squatting as a criminal act and authorize law enforcement to facilitate the removal of squatters...

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