NAA Responds to Biden’s Landlord Rhetoric

Industry News,

From day one, the National Apartment Association (NAA) and the rental housing industry as a whole have been faithful and willing partners for the Biden Administration. As federal policymakers have contemplated the future of housing policy – largely aligning with the President’s campaign promises – NAA has time and time again come to the table with real policy solutions for the country’s longstanding affordability challenges. 

In response to President Biden’s continued rhetoric about landlords on the campaign trail, NAA issued the following statement

"Since day one, the rental housing industry has been a faithful and willing partner for this administration. President Biden knows that fair housing laws are a cornerstone of rental housing operations – NAA, our more than 96,000 members and the industry as a whole are built around people, not buildings. Time and time again, NAA has come to the table with real, tangible solutions to address the nation’s housing challenges. It’s far past time to remove politics from housing and help America’s renters.” 

Politics has no place in housing and it’s far past time for policymakers to act on housing. Over the coming months, NAA will continue to stand up for housing providers on the campaign trail and remains committed to pursuing sustainable policies to revitalize programs that address renter financial instability in the short term and improve affordability long term

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