Automation Boosts Maintenance Efficiency & Effectiveness

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A couple of years ago, Tropicana Properties Inc. in El Paso, Texas, wanted to automate aspects of its maintenance operations, but company leaders knew that their hard-working staff, handy as they were with tools of the trade, did not have strong enough computer skills.

Then, they had a brainstorm. “We realized that most of our maintenance guys were Johnny-on-the-spot with their phones,” says President and Owner Deme-trio Jimenez. “They could communicate via email and via text. They were even doing sophisticated things like clocking-in and clocking-out.” 

The company uploaded a timekeeping system to handle the latter, “which we thought was going to entail tons of training, and it did, but not to the extent as we initially thought,” he says. Encouraged by the success of that initiative, Tropicana took the further step of tapping into a business intelligence (BI) platform to automate a series of other maintenance-related functions from work orders to make readies to expense tracking.

Many other rental housing companies have taken similar steps in their maintenance departments, automating whatever functions they can to make themselves more efficient and effective—with the goals of cutting costs, deploying staff in the most optimal manner and hopefully boosting retention of both staff and residents.

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