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Webinar: The North Carolina Tenant Appeals Process From Start to Finish

Webinar: The North Carolina Tenant Appeals Process From Start to Finish

Tuesday, November 8, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EST)
152 Seats Remaining

* Registration open until 11/7/22 at 1:00 PM (EST)

Event Details

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Webinar Details

There has been a significant increase in eviction appeals throughout North Carolina, and you want to know more about how to handle them. Are you new to navigating resident appeals or just need a refresher course? This webinar is for you!


Participants will learn

  • Who is allowed to file an appeal from an eviction judgment.
  • What happens next once they appeal? And what if they don't pay their rent bond?
  • When are the residents required to appeal? And when do we get the money they paid to the court?
  • How does the appeals process work, exactly? And how long does it take until we get the write?
  • Why is the resident allowed to appeal at all? And why do they get to "buy more time"?

About the Speaker:

Chris Loebsack
Managing Principal, Loebsack & Brownlee


Chris is the founder and Managing Partner of the law firm Loebsack and Brownlee, PLLC.  In June of 2019, he also became a Council Attorney with Brownlee, Whitlow & Praet, LLC.  Chris is a 1996 graduate of Duke University School of Law (J.D.) and a 1993 graduate of Clemson University (B.S.). He spent the first 22 years after law school with the law firm Caudle and Spears, P.A.,

He has been a resident of Gastonia and Charlotte since graduating law school in 1996.  He has two sons, Joseph and Thomas.

Chris’ legal practice focuses primarily on representing national Multifamily & Single Family Operator property management firms. Chris is also a Certified Mediator who regularly mediates Business and Construction Litigation cases for other attorneys.