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Where to Begin when mentioning Mullis Construction Group....... First let me say on behalf of MCG and our staff in-house as well as everyone in the field executing projects across the southeast, we APPRECIATE you taking the time to learn a bit about us and what makes us thrive day to day on a consistant basis. For 15 years come September we have been navigating our trail in the Multi-Family & Commercial/Retail industry executing many projects with Grave detail and quality Craftsmanship throughout the Southeast, However this started long before my time as my father was one of the first Flooring pioneers of our time Here in Charlotte,NC region.. later moving on to the Renovation/structural side of things while still growing a multi-layered Flooring company that has since exploded...My father kept us on the jobs with him early on and I learned Multi-Family Building and Commercial as well as All aspects of Residential building and all construction practices at a very early age not having any idea once so ever that some day it would mold me into the man I am today, and give me the knowledge and Hands on experience that I would need to be able to have that edge on my competitor... We were always taught if you STAY READY you never have to worry about GETTING READY and that simple slogan said by a very wise man still reigns true today! MCG since then has worked in many many different Markets in various areas of the country and we still do so daily, We are Very aware demographically of market value as well as comps and trends in order to obtain max results on your ROI, We will help place a correct scope of work on on the said project to ensure maximum results and success on said future ventures... Give us a call or stop by or visit us online and have one of our trusted staff to come out to go over your project with you and designate a needed scope of work.
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