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Forms and Publications
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Forms and Publications

Membership in the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association offers apartment owner/managers exclusive access to GCAA, AANC (Apartment Association of North Carolina) and NAA (National Apartment Association) forms and publications. These range from the comprehensive, state-specific AANC Lease Agreement, to supplemental forms like the Early Termination Agreement, to resource materials such as the indispensable AANC Legal Handbook, marketing materials, the Membership Directory, and more! See below for a complete list of and pricing for what is currently available. Prices subject to change as forms are revised & added. Thanks for your understanding.

Note: The forms and publications listed below may be purchased exclusively by GCAA members in good standing.

  • AANC Lease Agreement ($147 per 100 paper leases; multiple electronic options are also available)
    • Spanish Translation of Lease Agreement (available via electronic providers OR as part of the Addenda Package detailed below)
  • AANC Resident Application ($20 per 100)
    • Spanish Translation of Resident Application (available via electronic providers OR as part of the Addenda Package detailed below)
  • AANC Addenda Package (Apartment Condition Checklist, Pet Addendum, Day-to-Day Addendum, Bed Bug Addendum, and more... 21 Addenda in all!) - available via electronic providers or via the 2-step process below:
  • AANC Legal Handbook ($115)
  • NAA Lease Agreement (available electronically through Blue Moon Software) Click here for more details.
  • GCAA Membership Directory and Buyers’ Guide ($30)
  • GCAA Membership Mailing Labels
    • Printed (Peel and Stick) Mailing Labels ($25/category - owners/properties/associates)
    • Electronic Mailing Labels ($75/category - owners/properties/associates; also includes EMAIL addresses)
  • GCAA Salary Survey ($100) (2017 edition)

Options for ordering forms and publications:

  • Phone Fran Petzold at the GCAA office at 704.334.9511 x105
  • Email your request to